The Blogger

We all face the challenge of what to truly write in the "about me" section. 


where to begin?

My name is {SCAR}LETH the "H" is silent shhhh.... my close friends call me Scar and that is really how I came up with the name for this blog. 

I'm 5'3


32 years young

Dog Mom

East Coast Livin'

Faith Driven

Goal Getter

Lover of People 



The day we met 
was a day i'll never forget
becoming your partner in crime
i'll never regret

I am half the woman
I am today because of the man
God sent my way
I'm not ashamed to admit the truth
I am who I am
half in part because of you

Your loving embrace
holds me when I'm weak
in those dark moments
where I don't have the words to speak
It is by His grace
that we are here today
9 years and counting
we are so blessed

Your support means the world
You believe in everything I do
You don't question it
You don't judge me for it
You're right next to me cheering me on
You're my number one fan
I love you so much 
Whoa, man...

You make me laugh 
with all your silly jokes
sometimes I get annoyed
but you always find a way to turn
my annoyance into joy
You always find a way 
to lighten up my day

I am truly blessed
to be a part of your life
I am blessed to be your wife
God favored me
He sent me you
who knew
that we would be the one's
with the last laugh
while everyone else said
we wouldn't last

I'm looking forward to
spending forever with you
til we're old and gray
til our last breath
takes one of us away
every moment, every hour,
every minute, every second
spending it with you
is all I truly desire.

-written by: yours truly