In the beginning of this year I decided to take a leap of faith and start a group chat on Twitter titled #BloggerSupport I wanted a place where all bloggers felt Welcome. The point is to have a place where any new or seasoned bloggers can come together for 1hr every Monday at 8pm est. to talk about subjects like Social Media, Marketing, Building a Business, Branding and so much more. I obviously don't do this alone, I've asked Diane from @stylecontext to help me host these monthly series. Diane has been such an amazing Host & fellow blogger friend, I am grateful for her life. Honestly, I can go on and on about how great #BloggerSupport is but I prefer those that interact with us every Monday at 8pm est. do that for us...

"I really enjoy this type of forum. It has helped me stay connected to those who want to make a desirable impact in the creative community. Thank you {@helloscarblog} and Diane {@stylecontext} for coming up with interesting questions too! Your guidance helps us remain engaged in thoughtful conversations about the topic at hand. Bottom line; Monday night's at 8pm are set aside for #BloggerSupport" -Kadiyah {@lovemelodge

"It has given me many ideas for my blog turned business, but more importantly it has given me a chance to brainstorm with other passionate bloggers. It has been such a help and something I look forward to every week!" -Rachel {@makeitworkstyle}

"Ever since Scarleth and I launched #bloggersupport chat I've started to seriously consider my blog as a business. I would say the best part about #bloggersupport is the community, in just a few months we've built a community of regulars who participate each week to get their dose of #MondayMotivation and exchange ideas. It's really fulfilling to know that I'm not just motivating myself, but also others, inspiring others to blog and turn their blogs into a business. I've started my blog business plan {check out my Pinterest board for my favorites} and begun a weekly list of things to do for my blog. It's not easy, especially because I work full-time, but it's totally worth it. -Diane {@stylecontext