June 07, 2017

How's it going you may ask? It is going well for me. It's the same old story not having the desire to write, I feel like I have these good days {like today} where I will write my heart out and then I have these down days where I don't even want to turn my computer on. Has that ever happened to you? Where you just want to disconnect from it all? Lately, that's how I have been feeling. But on another note, I actually made a YouTube video where I explain where I have been and what I have been up too, so if you want to check that out click here. I've always been a believer in being your own raw and authentic self and I go more in depth about that in the video. Today, I just really wanted to come on here and recap on something I mentioned in my video, regarding this blog.

The reason I started this blog or writing in general is because I have always loved to write down my thoughts whether they be on paper or on my computer screen. I've always loved sharing ideas, writing about things that interest me or just writing about things that have happened to me as an encouragement to others. Writing is a form of therapy for me, it's a form of expression, this is the only place that I can write truly all that I feel without feeling judged or criticized for feeling a certain way. This is the place I come to when I need to release baggage, the place where I am completely honest and vulnerable. You all get the best and worst of me on Hello Scar, this blog is about me. I do not want that to come out as selfish or sound like I am self-absorbed with myself because I really am not. Hello Scar was truly created to be my sounding board, I hope that makes sense.

Blogging is one of the most challenging things because there are times where I have felt that I needed to write about certain subjects because that's what people want to read. There have been times where I got so caught up in what others wanted that I lost my vision and more importantly myself in the process of it all. That no longer is the case for me, now I write for me, I choose topics based on what I am going through and what I have been through. I have chosen myself over being the best blogger around. I have never cared about a number count or how many followers I can gain in a day, it must be a nice feeling being recognized for all the hard work, but it's not something that I strive for. If there are people that still read my blog, I am grateful and humbled for the support, I know there are plenty of other blogs that you can be reading, yet you are here and for that I am thankful.

For about 3 years now I have been able to write all kinds of things from beauty, fashion, lifestyle and so much more. The one thing I get more gratification from is writing about topics that touch people's lives in one way or another. When I receive messages through social media or emails of readers it truly touches my heart. I love reading people's stories, where they come from, what they're going through, how they are pushing through and how I've somehow inspired or motivated them. Please note, I am so, so, so, grateful for each and everyone of you that make the time to send me messages. It does not go unnoticed.

This blog will continue to be here, it's not going anywhere despite of what people may think. Yes, I took time off to rest mentally. I needed that time for myself, my fitness journey has truly helped me focus on myself and what it is that I truly need. I'm on this journey called life just trying to make it like everyone else.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday



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