The Truth about Weight Loss

April 03, 2017

The truth is, the STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Trainers, coaches and any fitness guru you will find online will tell you that the hardest part to working out is getting started and from experience I can tell you that it is true. I've been working out for six weeks now and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I started working out when I saw a picture my friends had taken of me when we were hanging out together, a picture that when I stared at it I couldn't believe how much I had let myself go. You see, a mirror and a photograph will never lie to you, the truth is right in front of you and what you do next determines the rest of your life. It took that photo {which I will share below} for me to push myself to start training my body back to a healthier me. The photo below was taken on the weekend, on a Saturday to be exact and I started working out on that Monday.

The moment I realized I needed to get my s*&^ together was when my friend took this photo of me where I was like "What am I doing to my body?" I guess you can say it was my AHA moment. Ever since I started that Monday, February 13th, 2017 I have been determined to lose all my weight, gain muscle and maintain the healthier lifestyle I've chosen for myself. Weight Loss has been excruciating and challenging at times, I've gotten hurt to the point of not being able to move and every time I feel like quitting, I go back to this picture and remind myself why I started. Losing weight is painful, it's tiring, exhausting but it is also worth it. You will start seeing changes in your body within 4 weeks, I'm grateful because I've been losing a pound a week. A workout only works out if you do. If you put in the work and a little extra you will see the results, I promise you will. Remaining consistent is key, follow encouraging, inspiring and motivating people on social media to keep you on track.

If you haven't figured out the Truth about Weight Loss, well, I kinda mentioned it in the very beginning... The STRUGGLE is REAL. It is no joke, losing weight is tough but guess what? so are YOU! You cannot doubt yourself or your ability to do the workouts before you, they may seem hard to do the first couple of times but as time goes by your body begins to adjust to the movements and you will feel confident enough to workout your body because you'll know what you are doing. I know that many times people get intimidated by others at the gym, I'm not a gym girl, I prefer working out at home or outdoors personally I find it relaxing and I don't have to worry about "Who's watching me?!" I'm definitely not someone who cares to run on a treadmill, it's just not my thing. I prefer workouts that work out my entire body from head to toe. To each their own, if you love going to the gym then do it and don't stop. Remember who you are doing this for, YOURSELF.

It takes courage to realize it is time to truly make a change in one's life. I truly believe wholeheartedly that if you're not ready to change your eating habits and workouts then you are not going to commit to changing your lifestyle as you should. People will start working out and then get discouraged because they're not seeing results quickly or because there is no one around them to support their lifestyle change. Others will lose interest quickly because they are not motivated enough, trust me when you get tired of eating unhealthy, looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see, laying in bed being lazy and not wanting to do anything, when you get tired of being tired that's when you're going to start making the right choices for yourself, that's when you're going to start changing your eating habits and that's when you're going to start working out. And in one of those days you're going to look back and say "Why didn't I start sooner?" 

Losing weight is only half the battle you need to be mentally prepared for what's ahead, your body is going to ask you to stop many times, in fact it's going to tell you that you don't need this. Your mind is going to always remind you why you started. If you are on this Fitness Journey I encourage you to keep pushing forward, don't look back you're not going that way, you can and will finish this race, you will lose the weight, you will overcome stress and anxiety, you will overcome obesity, you can do anything you set your mind too, if I can do it so can you. 

If you're not willing to work for it, don't complain about not having it. -Unknown

One of the most annoying things I find to be true are people that complain about their weight but don't do anything to change it. You want a banging body, you need to sweat tears to get it, it's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it at the end. You will reap what you sow. It takes time, you need to remain dedicated, motivated and inspired. 


Be the girl/boy that decided to go for it and repeat after me...

I'm working 

You got this!


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