Beauty and The Beast

April 12, 2017

Tale as old as time....

We finally went to see the film on Sunday night, I was so excited to watch it as Belle is one of my favorite Disney characters, she's the only one that loves books as much as I do. I'm sure if she were real she would read every ones blogs, she just seems to be that type of girl. I remember getting ready to go watch the film being all giddy inside and smiling from ear to ear. We decided to make it a date night and watch the film at Cinebistro City Place in Doral. This is a new location my friends and I discovered over the weekend and the Cinebistro did not disappoint.

We arrived 30min early, if you don't know how a Cinebistro works well, you have to be 21 years of age and older to enter, You get to pick your seats before the film, you get to order your food and have it delivered to you where you are seated. I ordered a churrasco with rice and french fries with a coke! When I drank the coke it was weird since I haven't been drinking it, honestly, I don't miss it. Anyways, back to the film because lets be honest that is why you are all here.. The film reminded me a lot of the Disney classic, it had all the songs that I was passionately singing along too and some new songs too. It was truly made to be almost identical to the classic with the only difference is that is was all real life and it was magical.

The animation in this film was out of this world, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, you know how sometimes animations in real life movies look terribly wrong, not here everything was thought out and made right. I cannot sit here and tell you that I have a favorite part of the film because I loved it from beginning to end. I cannot wait for it to come out in DVD so I can purchase it. I love how they created this masterpiece they were detailed about every single aspect of the film. If you haven't had the chance to go watch the film, make the time and go. If you have children they will enjoy the movie as much as you do. It is a must watch!

At the end of the movie the audience clapped, I'm sure that happened across the country when the movie made it's debut. This film was beautifully written and produced. So, I don't even think I need to tell you that I simply LOVED everything about the film, I think that is pretty obvious. I can't wait to see what Disney movie they come up with next, I'm sure it will be brilliant. Have you've seen Beauty and The Beast? If so, what did you think of the film? I would love to know.


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