A Request

April 28, 2017

I'm not going to lie to you all, I have been considering deleting my blog and all social media accounts for it as well. As some of you have already noticed I got rid of the snapchat for HSB and the main reason was because it's just easier to update you all on blog posts on Instagram Stories. They have made it so easy for businesses and bloggers, lets be honest. And with that came the thought of what if I just delete it all because believe it or not if I am not feeling it, I won't write about it and lately, that's how I have been feeling. I can tell you with all honesty that the only reason I am still here is because I know there are those of you who support me and my blog. I am so grateful for you who do because you make it so easy to do what I do. I love writing, I don't think that's a mystery or hidden, I love sharing stories with you but I have to be honest in how I have been feeling lately when it comes to writing for HSB.

I've also had thoughts of deleting everything and starting over, but I really love HSB the name and what it stands for, it's just me. the real me. So, I know I've said in the past that the new direction of this blog was more personal stories and that will still remain. I want to know from you, my readers, followers and friends what it is you would like to see on the blog. I have a couple of ideas written down and I plan on executing them and writing about them. In fact, I have taken a couple of hours today to write some of them down. As I'm writing this I have "One more Time" playing in the background, coincidence? I think not. I want to hear from you, so feel free to comment below, DM me on Instagram or Tweet me what you would love to see on the blog other than personal stories. I would love to know your thoughts. 

Today's post isn't long, this is more of a request, a question from me to you. What would you like to see? read? Today, I will also be filming some videos for upload starting next month. So much going on but I have promised myself that I need to remain committed to my blog and videos just as much as I am committed to my fitness (which I have started up again and I'm pumped to be training again). 

talk to you soon.



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