February 09, 2017

I'm so hesitant to even write about this #FitJourney that I am currently on, but honestly I am not doing this for anyone but myself. The one and only reason I am sharing my journey with all of you is because I want to keep myself accountable. There are some days I know I am going to need the extra push and the motivation, I will be documenting my journey on snapchat as a way to keep myself from losing track. I was even thinking of creating a private Instagram account to keep me on track, I may or may not do this I'm not sure yet. It would be nice to have a place to document my progress which would include pictures and videos. Anyway, I am tired of feeling tired, I am tired of being overweight and now I am finally doing something about it. I am not the type of person that will sit down and complain to you or anyone about my weight gain, why? because I chose to gain these pounds, I chose to remain like this. When someone truly gets tired of something they find this internal energy to do something about it. 

As I start this personal journey I am all excited, motivated and ready, I am not afraid of change nor pain, in fact I am welcoming them both with open arms. The day it finally clicked in me to start this #FitJourney was a regular day that I was cleaning our master bedroom, I had the tv on and the show "Revenge Body" by Khloe Kardashian came on, as I watched the progress of some I got inspired. I kept watching the show and saw that some weren't as committed as others and then I saw others like Jill who totally kicked ass during one of the episodes. She inspired me and sparked something in me to change for me, myself and I. When I got married {almost 10 years ago, whoa} I weighed 112lbs, I now weigh over 200lbs and that's a problem, for me because I feel like I am carrying another person within my own body. 

This girl isn't about resolutions, I am just about setting personal goals for myself and meeting them, I am about solutions. As I previously said I am tired of being tired, carrying this extra weight is tiring, but I am to the point of wanting to do everything in my power to change the way I feel and along the way transform my body. I want to be healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. I truly believe having a healthy lifestyle is necessary, long, long time ago I used to work out every single day, I remember those being the best days. I had great energy and felt {and looked} so good about every aspect of my life. It is time to get my happy back and do this for me. You may think well, why does she keep saying "I'm doing this for me?" easy, because if my thought of mind was to lose weight to "show it off" or "so this person or that person can see me" then it wouldn't last because your mindset is set on things and people that do not matter.

My mindset is clear, I am and will do this for myself because I want to take care of myself first, If I am okay then everything around me is okay, if I am falling apart the world that revolves around me will also fall apart. Mentally, I am ready to start and complete my #FitJourney I hope this inspires some of you to make changes within your own lives, whether it be fitness or other aspects. My hope is that we all accomplish something great this year, this is my mission, it may seem impossible, heck, I know it's going to be hard but nothing came out of comfort zones and trust me when I tell you that this girl is READY for what's next.



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