January 02, 2017


It's a brand new year with a brand new start, how we got here I do not even know, honestly, I cannot even believe that 2016 is over. I don't know about you but starting fresh is something I am all about. I'll be honest with you the only resolution I made this year was to be a better ME, mentally, physically and spiritually. That's pretty much it. I am focusing on me this year which may seem a little selfish but it's been a long time coming because for past years I had my focus on people and things that I gave my all too even to the point of landing me in the hospital due to stress, only to come out of all of it empty, criticized and judged by these people. So, this year I am taking a whole different approach, to live for God, my husband, and MYSELF. 

2016 was a challenging year but I learned so much about who matters in my life and who never did. I learned to let go of things, people, expectations and fear. This last year taught me that whether you do good or bad you will still be spoken about, you will still be not good enough in the eyes of those you've tried to help, good thing my faith doesn't rely on them but in God. I'm grateful for all the happy times in 2016, happy that I was able to go away to Gainesville, Ga for a week. I'm grateful for my cousin and her family that welcomed me with open arms, embraced me with love, not once did I feel judged, not once did I feel like I had to walk on eggshells, not once did I feel like the black sheep of the family, I felt at home. Thanks to my cousin I was also able to visit Savannah, GA + St. Augustine, Fl {my cousin and I had SO MUCH FUN} + Orlando, Fl. We had such a great time, made lasting memories and laughed so much. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were great, we spent it at home opening our gifts, watching Christmas movies and spending time together and for the first time in a while it felt so good to just spend time with my hubby, alone in our home. On December 31st was a day we had planned on going to Bayside but unfortunately for me I was hit with an awful migraine and had to spend it in bed. Thankfully, the window of our bedroom was open and I was able to hear and see many fireworks because of my neighbors they really went all out this year. Saying goodbye to 2016 felt so amazing, I for one am so glad that year is OVER. 

This is what I wrote on my Instagram on 1/1/2017

2017 we are so ready for you. 

To all my friends, family, readers, viewers and haters may the Lord continue to bless your lives abundantly this upcoming year. May you learn, grow, experience, embrace, love, encourage, motivate, care, smile, share, be kind, compassionate and understanding. Be the change you want to see in the world, it begins with US, it begins WITHIN. May this new year bring new challenges that force us out of our comfort zones, May it bring us together and not apart. More LOVE and less hate. Let's embrace each other's differences, let's leave judgement and criticism in 2016, we are all unique and special, let's embrace one another in love. This new year I have only one resolution and that is to become a better person for myself; mentally, physically and spiritually. Looking forward to all of what 2017 has in store for each and every one of us. Let's do this! 

~Hello 2017~

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