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December 14, 2016

It's about that time of year again trying to decide what gifts to get one of the most important people in your life your significant other or even the man of the family. Personally, I never know what to get my hubby, I always buy him the same thing, cologne. But this year I think I'm going to make a list of things of what I could buy the one and only man in my life. And so I wanted to share some of the things I've written on my list. Maybe you're kind of stuck and undecided on what to give the important Men in your life, well, fear not I've got you covered.

For Him:

{photo: Best Buy}

1. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II - This camera is gaining some popularity really quickly and I hear it is the newest model in the G7X family. If your husband loves taking photographs this is the camera you want to get him immediately {it would also make a great gift for any vlogger}.

{photo: Macy's}

2. Fossil Graham Leather Messenger Bag - Don't know about your guy, but my guy loves a good quality messenger back for work & travel. If your man has been talking about getting himself one of these, how about you invest in this Fossil Graham Leather Messenger Bag, it's going to last him a very long time. 

{photo: Macy's

3. Perry Ellis Men's Premium Leather Sutton Bifold Wallet - Maybe it's about that time that your significant other's wallet is upgraded, you've seen it that it's falling apart and it's time to buy him a new one, can't find the right one? Check out this Perry Ellis wallet that comes in black, black cherry and burnished brown!

4. Noir For Men Cologne - You can NEVER go wrong with Cologne this is one of my favorite colognes for my hubby, it smells so good and it's a perfect size for travel too. Bath & Body Works has some other great colognes for men. 

5. Stress Relief Body Mist - Believe it or not this is my hubby's favorite body mists, he says about the scent "it feels really relaxing" which is a plus, it also smells really good. If you're looking for a gift under $20 this is it.

{photo: Gifts}

6. Beer Hunter Oversized Beer Mug - There is nothing like a personalized gift. Check out the size of that mug, they don't only have to drink "beer" in it they can drink whatever they like in it. This is the perfect gift for the guy that doesn't like all the attention on him on Christmas day.

{photo: Fossil}

7. Fossil | Grant Chronograph Brown Leather Watch - A men's watch is always something that they use on a day to day basis. For work or travel this little accessory is definitely ideal. 

{photo: Fossil}

8. Travel Kit - This travel kit aka toiletry bag is great for that guy in your life that travels! This bag is made out of leather so it is easy to clean. It's big enough to fit all the essentials for travel. My hubby travels for work all the time, I may or may not add this to his list this year. {I really can't say you know just in case he's reading this}. 

9. I am weird, Couples key chains - This is such a simple yet cute idea for him and yourself. A key chain! I'm a fan of simple gifts with witty meaning behind them. You don't have to get this exact set but I'm sure you will find something on the site that will suit you both. 

{photo: Beard King}

10. Beard King | King Kit - Your man has a beard well, I have the perfect gift for him, this Beard King Kit. It has everything he needs to groom the very hairs of his chiny-chin-chin. This kit includes a Beard & Body wash, Premium Beard Oil, Beard Bib (white or black) and a Beard Brush. Did I mention they have FREE shipping on US orders? You can't go wrong with this gift.

So, I have finalized my list for the Gentlemen in your life, in fact there are about 3 things on this list that I might just get for my man. If you have any lists I would love to check them out, leave the links down on the comment section down below. 



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