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December 05, 2016

It's finally December, the most wonderful time of the year at least that's what we would all love for it to be, until your reach the malls and realize people aren't the nicest during the holidays. A sad reality in our day but today I bring to you something exciting, for the first time in my life I have created my first front door wreath! This year I went Christmas shopping a little late and realized there were no wreaths left and the ones that were left in the stores were overpriced and not very pretty. I spoke to an associate from hobby lobby {which has become my favorite home decor store} what I should do? She recommended that I try making my own wreaths. To be honest, I was a little scared because I have never created a wreath from scratch. 

So, the sales associate showed me where all the supplies were and told me something very important "get creative and most importantly, have fun with it" those were the words I needed to hear while searching for the right ornaments and materials to get my wreath started. I bought two wreaths because I also made one for my master bedroom door. As I made my way through the one aisle that had everything I needed I found some beautiful pieces to add to our wreath. I also reminded myself in that moment that I had some more stuff at home from previous years that I could cut up and use to add to our wreath. 

When I got home I was so excited about this project, but due to being totally tired that day I didn't start creating my wreath until the weekend 12/3. That day I woke up early did all my house chores and asked my husband to cut up a box so I could use it as the bottom base to work on my project. This is one of the reasons I told my hubby that I needed an Ikea table for DIY projects so I don't use our dining table which isn't really a good place to do DIY projects in. So, that's something I may have to write down on my Christmas list. All the items that I purchased to create these beautiful wreaths were from Hobby Lobby.

After 2 hours of working on this wreath and deciding exactly what I wanted on it and what I didn't I finally decided on the last photograph. After carefully reviewing it I felt as if the white poinsettia was missing another white item on the wreath. So, I went and removed a "Merry Christmas" sign from our old front door wreath, painted it white and the final product looks so much better. The pictures do not do it justice but to see a beautiful photo of our new and updated wreath visit my Instagram page. I had so much fun creating our wreaths this year that I am thinking of creating 2 more for next year. I know I am not the only one out here that loves me some DIY's. And I want to personally thank my glue gun that helped me create Our beautiful Front Door Wreath.

What are some fun creations you have come up with this Holiday Season? Have you done any DIY's I would love it if you shared them with me down below. 

Expect some more Christmas Decor posts & videos soon!


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