Positivity v.s. Negativity

October 19, 2016

This world has a lot of negativity, there are so many people in this world who are unkind, disrespectful, rude, mean, hateful, angry, and the long list goes on. This world is full of people who are going through tough times and the only way that they know how to take their anger out is through hate. That is what they have seen and they think it is the way to handle situations when the reality is and should be different. Hatred brings out more Hatred, Anger brings out the worst in people it can cloud someone's better judgement; they can do things and say things that they would later regret. This world needs to come together and stop the hatred, people need to learn how to channel their anger in a different way, people need to learn to walk away, people need to understand that the more they hate they will continue digging the dark hole they're stuck in. This world needs more love and less hate.

My goal in writing today's post is to spread love, awareness and positivity, my focus is not on the negative. We have all been through things in life that we may or may not regret the actions we have taken towards others. I personally have said things that I do regret and cannot take back, as so recent as two months ago. Things that maybe I could've said things in a kinder tone and a nicer way, but like I said once things are said they cannot be taken back. What do I do with regret? I move past it and leave it in the past all while moving forward. Don't dwell on the things you cannot change, you can apologize sure, but sometimes people don't accept your apologies, let them be, you did your part. Moving forward in positive ways is important for your personal growth as a person. We learn and grow daily but how you and I choose to respond to growing pains is the key to everything.

All the things you're going through may be hard and I don't want to sit here and lessen the pain of what you are going through because I'm sure it isn't easy. We have all been through those rough waters where we feel like we're going to drown but the reality is in how we respond to our circumstances. We choose to either respond negatively or positively, We can choose to see a positive outcome or a negative outcome. It is in our hands. As I said before this world is full of a lot of hate at the moment, so I could see how easily it would be to fall into that negative web, but we owe it to ourselves to see the positive even if we cannot comprehend it with our eyes. As you all know, I choose faith, that is my positive, my faith in God is what keeps me going in times of trouble... It reminds me of the following verse...

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. 
John 16:33

I choose to remain in Him, I choose to pray, I choose to believe that things will get better, I choose to believe that the outcome of my situation (whatever I may be facing at the moment) is going to be a good one because greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). I choose to stand in my Faith in God. You can choose to stand in your beliefs or stand in your convictions. Stand on the positive side of things and although it all looks like it's getting worse, never, ever lose hope. Keep looking forward and looking up, Hope is what can get you through anything and everything. We need to listen to our inner voice telling us to be still during chaos.

What will you choose today, will you choose to look things from a different perspective? or will you continue to allow your thoughts, emotions and other things take you away from the blessing of remaining positive? It's your choice. There is no one that can take away your joy, happiness, smile unless you allow them too. You cannot give others that power over your life. I challenge you today to choose to be happy, choose to do the right thing, choose to say no, choose to stay positive no matter what is in front of you. It's hard I know, I've been there many times, but once I took my eyes off my problems and placed them on my faith in God, everything seemed to start falling into place. I chose to look away and I hope you choose to do the same.

Positive Vibes Only.


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