Stay Hydrated!

August 08, 2016

About 9 years ago my husband and I planned a car wash for our youth group from the church we were at during that time. We were raising money to go paint balling as a group and some of the young adults that wanted to go didn't have enough money because they were not working at the time. So, we decided to come together and do a car wash on a Saturday, we asked our youth leaders about it and we had their full support. We also gave a 10% donation to the church for letting us use their parking lot and water. I remember it being a sunny and hot day, if you're from South Florida you know exactly what a Saturday morning looks and feels like. So, we got the group together and prayed before we started asking God to bring people to the car wash so we could raise enough money for everyone to go. 

I woke up about 8am that morning and I believe the car wash started at 10am, I took a shower, put some shorts on, an old t-shirt and some sandals. I remember waiting for my then boyfriend {now husband} to pick me up so we could head out and get everything set up at the church. Our youth leaders met us their at 9am and we got the buckets, supplies and all the extra stuff we needed to clean a car. As some of the youth was arriving I asked a couple of the girls to come inside the church with me to create some signs that we would be holding up outside of the church on the sidewalk to let the people in the cars know that we were having a car wash. The rest of the group met outside and everyone was placed where they needed to be, we had a group washing cars, drying cars and vacuuming the cars. We had snacks & water for everyone and we would have them rotate so they wouldn't get overly tired. 

About 1hour into the carwash I was out on the sidewalk with a big sign waving at traffic, I had two other girls with me, one was across the street and the other was a couple of feet from me. At that moment I began to feel a little dizzy but I said it was probably because of the heat. My then boyfriend came and asked me if I was hungry and I said no. They were going to order lunch for everyone so I didn't want to be eating in front of everyone. I remember looking down and walking towards the inside of the parking lot because it was time for us to rotate, as I am walking in I do not remember what happened next... All I remember is waking up inside and one of my youth leaders was with me trying to give me water as my body laid on the floor of the church. My then bf was talking to me telling me to stay awake, apparently I was dehydrated and had blacked out. I fell unto the pavement and the girl that was closest to me ran towards me screaming {remember I don't remember any of this, I was passed out} and calling for help. That's when someone {don't know who} carried my body inside the church were they were trying to have me open my eyes so I could drink something. 

It was one of the most scariest moments of my life, I've never allowed myself to become that dehydrated where I could not stand on my own or even drink or eat anything. I felt awful and I wanted to go back out and help everyone, but my youth leaders insisted that I stay indoors and eat something. I honestly had no energy to do anything else. About an hour later the car wash had been over and everyone was asking how I was doing, I felt so embarrassed and I remember apologizing because I had left the group, thankfully everyone was very understanding. I learned my lesson to never leave my house without having something to eat or drink. Staying hydrated is so important, especially if you live in a place where heat and humidity play a factor. 

Lessoned learned.
 I have to admit I am not much of a person who drinks a lot of water {which I should start drinking more} but after this incident 9years ago, trust me I do not leave my house without having a good balanced breakfast. 

Staying hydrated

During the day it's important to drink lots of water, what is recommended is dependent on your height and weight, you should try to drink between half and ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day or you can drink 2.2 liters of water a day which equals to 9 cups of water a day. Hopefully, that makes more sense. 

So ladies and gents, get to drinking some water...

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Hope that helps!


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