Choosing My Blog Name

August 29, 2016


If I haven't done so already let me go ahead and introduce myself, the name is Scarleth, I am a wife, daughter, sister and auntie. I am a lifestyle blogger, youtube creator, living in the east coast, a loved and forgiven sinner, born in Nicaragua and I am creator and one of the hosts of #bloggersupport chat on Twitter. 

This is who I am in one sentence. 

There is always a need to know who is behind the computer screen writing blog posts, people are always intrigued to know more... I am just a woman following after her dreams, I love creating posts and videos that people cannot only engage with but that they may be able to take away something from them. I don't consider myself to be the best writer out there, I am not a professional, I am just someone who uses this platform as a form of expression and my love for writing. That's why Hello Scar started, now the real question lies within Why did I choose the name Hello Scar? That's a good question, I have been sitting here in my desk trying to come up with an answer that will rock your socks off, but honestly there isn't one.

Hello Scar came about because it was the first thing I thought about when my friends saw me, they greet me by saying "hey scar," "hello scar, how are you today?" and that's where it originated from. The name Scar itself has some history to it, some old friends of mine used to complain that my first name was too long or maybe they were just too lazy to pronounce it. The point is, they started calling me Scar for short and that's where that originated from. So, I guess I have to thank my friends for coming up with the iconic name for my blog, THANK YOU!

Choosing my blog name was really easy because I didn't want anything too complicated. I wanted something small, simple and to the point. Hello Scar is mine and if you hear it you'll know where it came from, you'll know the person behind the name, behind the logo. I think we all want to leave behind a legacy and this is mine. Hello Scar is the place I write about life experiences, challenges and the place where I review the beauty products I am loving at the moment. This is one of the places I can completely be feel free about expressing myself.

So, now you know where Hello Scar came from, how it came about and why I love it so much. It's simply, me. One of the things I love about my blog is that it is a true reflection of who I am as a person. What you see it what you get. You will either love me or hate me, there is really no in between with me. I am forever growing, changing, maturing and learning. That's life isn't it? So, thank you all for coming along for the ride with me. It's an honor to host all of you beautiful readers & friends.

If you're a blogger, I would like to know how you came up with your name?


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