A Day In My Life

August 22, 2016

Today, I woke up at 9am, I thank God for another day of life, I stretched while sitting on my bed and then grabbed my iPhone and scrolled down Instagram & Twitter. I then got up went to brush my teeth and wash my face. I showered, got dressed, did my go-to makeup and got ready to head down to eat some breakfast, I will probably eat some cereal or toast with eggs. I grab my phone, charger and laptop bag. I also put my wallet and car keys into my laptop bag just in case I may need to run out and get something. I walk out of my room make sure our air-conditioner is on 75 {because we sleep with it on 70} and I head down the stairs. I turn on the living room light and place my laptop down on the couch. The boys {our dogs} start to bark so I let them both out of their kennels and take them outside. While they're outside I am inside preparing breakfast. 

Once they're inside, I play with them for a bit and cuddle with Snowball because he loves "mommy time" our other dog Cody is more independent and doesn't like the cuddling. I then go back into the kitchen and grab some treats and give them each 2/each. Finally, I get to sit down to eat & watch The Real. After breakfast I get my laptop out and i'll sit in my workspace for a couple of hours I will review things on Influenster or write posts for the blog, I also work on #BloggerSupport. I also plan videos that I need to record for my YouTube channel. So, when I sit at my desk my phone is put away in the corner away from my reach, I take out my Erin Condren planner and start planning out the following month. This is a method I started using last month and it has worked wonders for me because I get everything done on time. 

I've started to make deadlines for myself so I meet them, just like if I was in a real job. I think it is so important for me to write out everything on my planner and meet my goals every single day. So, I basically work my blog now as a business and I treat is as such, I want to eventually grow my blog and youtube channel. That is my ultimate goal. We reach for the stars here at Hello Scar and are working hard to make things happen. One of the things we spoke about on 7/25/16 on #BloggerSupport was staying consistent. That is major key to any successful business whether it be blogging or retail or home good products, etc. Consistency is necessary and beneficial to all businesses.

My lunch time is usually around 12:00pm in the afternoon because I get to move away from my computer and sit and watch the afternoon news. Usually with everything happening around the world I like to stay up to date with all the latest news so that I am not caught by surprise. After lunch I take another 10min break and I will go outside to my back yard and take in the fresh air while I also take my dogs out for play time. There is nothing wrong with disconnecting for a bit I promise you the internet world will still be there when you get back. Take time each day to put your phone down and walk away from it, do this each day and you will see what happens.

When I finally return back to my desk, I finish editing or writing blog posts for the upcoming weeks. I may also take the time to answer some e-mails. My day ends when my husband arrives home, we will have dinner and then spend some time together. I will turn off my computer for the day and grab a book and something to drink i'll sit in our couch and read away as he does the same in his tablet. And usually that's how I end my afternoons or we will watch some cool t.v. shows. Around 9pm we take the dogs outside one last time and put them away at 9:30pm. By 10pm we are heading upstairs to bed to go to sleep.

Then the following day, I do it all over again.

This is a day in my life.


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