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July 25, 2016

If you are reading this and you are a blogger you know exactly what you want for your blog, you have your own goals you want to achieve, you have a vision board with all the things that motivate and encourage you daily, you have a planner {or not} that keeps track of your posts & social media activity, You own a beautiful domain name and theme that represents the real essence of who you are., You have worked tirelessly to create great content for your blog but somehow you still feel stuck, You feel like you have done everything there is to do to have a successful blog. I've been there, I know exactly how you feel. Can I tell you a secret? I had my blog at Wordpress before I moved it to Blogger, I had a lot of followers, many where reading my blog posts on the regular and now when I moved the blog over to Blogger, my audience decreased in a big way, it was disappointing to say the least but I had a gut feeling that this is the platform where my blog needed to be to grow. You see failure as we know it is not achieving something, failure is not trying over and over again until you have reached your initial goal. 

Today I want to share with you all a few notes I took the first year I started blogging, I came across them today and I wanted to share them with you because I know there is someone out there that needs a pick me up, a fellow blogger that needs that extra push, that blogger that is getting ready to give up, that blogger that has run out of ideas, friend, I got you. After reading these brilliant notes my hope is that you leave this post leaving encouraged and motivated to continue working double to build a successful blog. Trust me your efforts do not go unnoticed, the hours you put into your writing don't go unseen. One of the things I love about the blogging community is that we all understand, we all get it, because we have all been there. We have all been "stuck" we have all wanted to throw in the towel, but I am here to tell you, it's not over, better things are ahead, greater things for you and your business are yet to come...


1. Be a ONE WoMan show. 

No one knows nor understands your brand like YOU do, so don't give someone else the ability to take over your brand. You can do it. You've come this far, What's stopping you now?

2. People like to see the "messy" part of our lives, it allows them to relate to you.

There are many bloggers who choose not to show the ugly side of blogging, but let me tell you that is something people want to see. You have a full time job and still juggle marriage, kids and blogging, you're a trooper in my book. You can share your struggle while still keeping your privacy. 

3. Blogging is about being "real" and "honest" remember Honesty is the best policy.

Bloggers get tired of hearing this, but it's the truth, be yourself, be honest with your readers. Your audience can see when you're not trying, they can see when you've given up, they can understand your struggle but they can also appreciate you for being upfront and honest with them about what's going on with your blog.

4. Silent the Noise!

Silence the haters. Who cares what they have to say about you and your blog? They didn't like a post? Who cares. They're judging you? Who cares. They're leaving hateful comments, block them. It's not what you are called, it's what you answer too.

5. Keep pushing through

Do not stop for anything or anyone. Keep pushing through your tiredness, you can do it.

6. Push past your Fears

Stop listening to the voices within you telling you that you can't. You can do anything you set your minds too. Stop listening to the voice that tells you that no one is reading your blog posts, because at the end of all of this it is not the reason why we blog, we blog because we love doing it. Push past your fear of the unknown.

7. The process is what matters most

You will learn so much from blogging, you will learn dedication, organizational skills, marketing, you will grow as a person, you will learn to say No to things that don't vibe with your blog business. You will learn not to be afraid of people's opinions of you. You will learn to be yourself and embrace every part of who you are the good, the bad and the ugly. You will learn to help those starting out in their blogging journey. At the end of it all what matters most is that you have taken something away from all of this. 

8. Happiness is a choice!

We all have to choose to be positive or negative when it comes to life's challenges or in this case our blog's challenges. We can choose to embrace mistakes and learn from them to be able to grow our brand or we can choose to allow failure to destroy us internally. What will you choose today?

9. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you can't do something.

As you have the choice to be happy and content you also have the choice to allow other people, fellow bloggers, bigger bloggers to tell you that your work isn't enough. No one has the right to tell you that you can't do something and if you accept that lie then you have fallen into that trap. You can do anything, if one door closes then go to the next one and keep knocking until someone opens. Don't take No for an answer. Keep knocking, someone will eventually open..

10. Set goals

Goals. Set them. Meet them. Challenge yourself. Do it over again.

11. Be a Dreamer

Never stop "D R E A M I N G" always have that childlike quality, it will make you want to push harder toward achieving your goal of owning a successful and growing blog. 

12. Follow your gut!

9x out of 10 your gut is right. If you feel like you're not ready to collaborate with another blogger then don't, If you feel that the brand that has reached out to you isn't a brand you fully support then you have the option to say No. Follow your instincts, they will never lead you astray

13. Believe you can and you will

You can & You will. If success is what you are after, if you have the will, the passion, the desire to grow your blog/brand, you can and you will.

I hope that these helpful tips have lifted your spirits, have encouraged you to go back and start blogging again, have inspired you to create something someone has never created before, I hope you're motivated to continue pushing past all the things that stopped you before. That is my hope for you. In fact, that is the same hope I have for myself, I don't have it all together, I really don't, I am on this journey like everybody else. I am learning and growing right along side you. Take these notes and write them down, go back and read them when you're feeling down, when you're feeling tired, when you're feeling like you want to slack off, when you have been hurt by someone's comments, go back and read these and share this post with other bloggers/brands so that they too can be inspired to never, never, never give up. 


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