Summer Looks | Swimwear Pt. 1

June 10, 2016

 Summer 2016 is yours for the taking, I have put a couple of pieces together just for you! We're going to start with SWIMWEAR in this Pt. 1 series. Every Friday of this month there will be a new Summer Look series, I hope you love these posts as much as I love making them. 

Let's begin...

Summer Look | The OnePiece

The One Piece look is simple yet fun! I loved adding the pop of color with the handbag! The swimsuit says it's for teens but honestly, I would wear it too, it's so darn cute. This look is perfect for those of you that want to make a statement without going over the top! I actually have the same beach bag {in a different color} and it's big and fits all your beach essentials! 

Summer Look | Blue BAE

Blue BAE is focused simply on the different colors of blue hues with the pop color being pink. This look is for the girly girl with a twist, the bae, the girl that likes to give people something to talk about. This two piece is actually a favorite of mine {I'm planning on buying it soon}. I love the blue and the pink combo. Why the trucker hat? I love them, I think they look really cool with any look & I wanted to add something different to this particular look since the other hats are floppy one's. This girly girl's twist is that she can be a girls girl but she can also get down! 

Summer Look | Black & White Queen

The Black & White Queen is clearly the more sophisticated look from the other two. I wanted something for the woman that always wants to look 100% classy. This is a classic black & white look, the swimsuit screams sexy, but the sarong says "I have a sexy but timeless look" and who doesn't want to feel like that on a beach day? I know I would totally would love to wear a look like this to the beach.

Be comfortable in the skin you're in, You are beautiful no matter what size you are. 

Which is your favorite look from the three?


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