MyIntent Project

June 03, 2016

What is MyIntent Project? There purpose is to start a conversation, to encourage others to share truths and inspiration with each other. They are not a jewelry company, they are an intentions project. That is their Mission. One of the other great things that I look forward into a company is if they Give back into their communities or to other non-profit organizations. MyIntent Project does just that, you can read about it here. You can also become a Maker by purchasing their Maker Kit which is currently on Sale! 

The first I heard about MyIntent was on the news the anchors were talking about what WORD they would choose for themselves, they also interviewed the founder Chris Pan and I immediately went online to check out MyIntent and I decided what my words would be...

My Story
I want to continue living life in the moment, this is a perfect reminder to continue embracing life being surrounded by the ones I love, creating new memories that will last a lifetime. I am not afraid of what the future holds because I know who holds my future and I couldn't be in better hands. 

When you create your token you get to choose it's color, string color, your word and your story. You see, this is how you create the conversation as to why you chose your word(s). You can put any word you like or any word that holds a special meaning to you. You can continue using your MyIntent Bracelet, Necklace, etc as your conversation starter. 

Be purposeful, Be creative, live your life intentionally. 

What's your WORD?



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