My Boys

June 22, 2016

Today I want to share My Boys with y'all, they are both the most cutest and most furriest dogs you'll probably ever meet. One thing is certain about them is that they are both very different in personality. Cody (which is on the left) is independent while Snowball (on the right) is the most loving & caring dog I've ever had. He is also adopted. We got him 2 years ago, I can't believe it has been that long. They both bring such happiness and joy into our lives, I truly believe dogs are a woman/man's best friend. They are such caring animals and can turn any bad day into a good day. Dogs are so special that they can make anyone feel better instantly. Dogs are special animals. 

Cody was bought from a breeder about 7years ago it was between him or his sister, when I spoke to the woman selling them she said that the girl loved car rides, in fact she looked forward to going out just so she could jump on the car, but the boy got car sick every time and didn't enjoy car rides at all. I really didn't want a female dog because I had been there and done that and my personal experience with female dogs was not a great one. So, we ended up choosing the boy. I remember when he arrived to the cargo area at the airport, he came in a small kennel, he was about 5/mo and was scared to death. When they finally brought him out to us I was so happy and we had his name and we started calling him it. My husband was leaving on a week long trip so we decided to take him to the vet that same night, he wouldn't even want to get out of his kennel. I decided to sit on the floor at the vets office until he decided to come out. Cody, with his little paws ran out of the cage towards my arms and ever since then, he hasn't let go. Cody is very protective towards me, but he is also kind, intelligent, loving and stubborn. There are things that he does that reminds me of.... well, me. Cody will let you pet him for a couple of minutes but then he likes to be left alone. He enjoys doing things on his own which can be a good and a bad thing. Cody has never been aggressive towards anyone, unless he doesn't like you he will growl and bark non-stop. Just ask my landlord's husband who came into our home without us being here and Cody wouldn't let him even walk out of the kitchen. Our landlord had to call Brad to see if she could give Cody some treats so he didn't bite her husband. As far as we have had Cody he has never bit anyone. Cody is our 7yr American Eskimo, Independent & Intelligent boy. 

Snowball was adopted December 2014 and it was something my husband and I both discussed, should we adopt or should we buy? Would Cody enjoy the company? Does Cody need the company? Cody seems to be getting too attached to us. Our decision was based around Cody, we wanted him to have someone he could play with. The day we went to get Snowball we had our 5yr niece with us and she was as excited as we were. That day we also took Cody with us because we wanted to see how he would interact with the dog we would adopt. Now, my husband had already seen an ad for Snowball online and when he called to ask about him there were a couple of people interested in him, they told us that if we wanted to see him that we needed to go to Petsmart to see if he would be the right fit for us. Needless to say that as soon as my little niece and I locked eyes with Snowball that we knew that he would be the perfect fit for our home. We filled out the paperwork, payed $400 and took Snowball home. The following days I would be potty training him because he wasn't fully potty trained, we would be taking him to get some shots and also getting his sutures out because he had been neutered. It was a tough couple of days for him but the little champ pulled through it all. Snowball is the most loving, caring, and cuddly little dog ever all as long as you don't grab his face then you should be good. There is something about grabbing his face and the top of his head that he does not like. We don't know a lot about Snowball, he was adopted but he was also a rescued dog, he lived in the streets and really never had a loving home until now. So, we don't know where he came from but what we do know is where he is at now and how much he loves and enjoys life. 

These two have become the best of friends, they don't like sharing but they enjoy each others company. Cody had a hard time adjusting to the new member of the family but after 2yrs these two American Eski's seem to have got into the Friendship Zone and are loving every moment of it. They do make my days a little brighter, they make me smile when I don't want too, they make me laugh with their little attitudes and most importantly they make us feel very loved. We are proud doggy parents and couldn't have asked for better doggy kiddies. We are blessed to have them both in our lives. If I had a big home I would have more dogs, I just really love them. They make a house a Home. 

Do you have any pets? If so, What are they?

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