Losing Control

June 20, 2016

This morning my mom had a doctor's appointment at 9:30am. We woke up early had a good breakfast & headed out the door as quickly as possible because where we live there is always morning traffic due to the fact that we live fairly close to the Turnpike. Usually, I would've rushed my mom because she likes taking her time but this morning I decided not too because I knew that she was extremely nervous about the procedure the dentist was about to do in her mouth. My mom and I are not fans of the dentist, I will literately get a full anxiety attack in the chair, yeah, it's bad. I've been like that since I could remember and my mom is no different. We decided to leave at 8:20am because it would give us enough time even if traffic would've been bad, her appointment wasn't til 9:30am. 

Now, I have been driving since the age of 15 and when I first started driving the one thing I loved about having my car was that I had full control. No one could tell me what to do or where to go, if I was behind the wheel, I would be deciding these minor things that back then seemed so "important." I'm 32 years old now and although I really don't mind where we go and what we do as long as I am in control of the vehicle, I'm good. This morning wasn't any different, my mom hopped in the passenger seat and I in the driver seat and we left the house. Before I leave I always say a small and quick prayer asking God to protect us and others on the road. When I turned on my car it made a weird sound but I didn't think anything of it, its a 2008 Scion XB so it's got some miles and years on it. I quickly reversed my car and drove off. 

As I got unto the Turnpike {Expressway} the noise in my car went away, so at that point I wasn't worried. As soon as I exited the Turnpike my steering wheel got so hard that I couldn't turn the car. I didn't panic. I didn't say one word. When things go crazy or crap hits the fan, I'm the girl you want by your side. I kept my cool because I know that any reaction from me was going to make my 69yr old mother extremely nervous and anxious. I didn't want to startle her so I prayed and asked God to allow me to make two right turns because I knew there was an Elementary school near by where I could park and be away from traffic. Thankfully or by a miracle I was able to make both right turns and park on the side of the school. My mom looked at me confused and I told her that the battery of the car was going dead. She was relieved that we were away from the traffic and safe. 

As we were sitting there I called my husband and told him what happened with the car, he said he was on his way and left work early. I'm so grateful to have him in my life not only in times like these but he has this calmness about him when things seem to be losing control. I asked my mom to call my sister who thankfully is in town to see if she can take her to the dentist appointment. My sister didn't hesitate and came to pick her up and took her quickly to her appointment, I called a few minutes later and she arrived on time. Then my husband arrived at the same time my sister did and we popped the hood of the car, we took one look at it and then at each other and we said "the battery needs to be changed" I was relieved, it's something that can be quickly replaced. We went to a nearby Walmart and bought the battery and some gloves so Brad wouldn't burn his hands. 

If there is one person I can count on in my family it's my husband, that guy is the BEST hubby in the whole world. I'm sure if you're married and reading this you say the same thing about your husband too. :) It was so hot outside, but as I was sitting inside my husbands car I was thinking about how God is so good and gracious towards us. This car could've broken down on the Turnpike where cars hit about 65mph, it could've stopped in the middle of the morning traffic, it could've even stopped as I was making that first right turn. It is by the grace of God that I was able to maneuver my way all the way to this school and park my car. The initial feeling of losing control of my car and not being able to turn terrified me, but I pulled myself together and prayed. I literately let Jesus take the wheel, which brings me to my next point.

There are things in our lives that we like to have control over, whether it's our family, finances, work, business, children, attitudes, relationships, friendships, etc... the list goes on. There are things that don't go our way sometimes and that's okay too. We need to learn to keep cool, calm and collected in situations that are out of our reach or control. Some things will go wrong, but it's the way we react to those situations. Our reaction can create in us bitterness or we can choose to go with the flow, laugh it out and move forward. If you're a believer you can choose to hand over your problems to God and let Him do as He pleases. I choose to walk by faith, I choose to keep calm during times like these, I choose not to get angry, it's all a CHOICE.

Today, I want to encourage you to be better, to think before you react, to listen, to slow down, to hand over your control, to let it go. Losing Control can be a good thing, how? because it comes to show you that you are never in control of the things that happen to you and those that happen around you. It reminds you that you are human and mistakes happen and most importantly, it humbles you.

God is in control and that brings me peace of mind. 


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