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May 11, 2016

As some of you may already know, my husband and I have been in the process of organizing our living room area. We've added two writing desks that we absolutely love, we bought our desks online at Wayfair. We bought our office chairs at Ikea for an affordable price and they are pretty comfortable and as you know my favorite part of organizing is the decor! So, Obviously with the new desk we needed to get the usual, the desk accessories. I wanted something different to what everyone else had. Accessories that would stand out, I wanted to add some splash of color here and there but mostly, as you can see the accessories are gold. 

One of the first things I ever bought for both of our desks were these candles that are like chalkboards. They're mostly for fun and you can change up what you write or draw on it. I really think it gives our desks an edgy look & also an old school look. We both grew up in an era where teachers used chalkboards {before draw boards} so we get a kick out of writing each other notes on our mini candle chalkboard. I bought these on SALE at Target you can purchase some similar ones here. I love leaving my husband notes on his candle..

The next items I bought are necessities in my opinion in any office. All these items are from the Nate Berkus Office Collection at Target. The Nate Berkus Limited Edition Swingline 747 Stapler is sturdy and beautiful it gets the job done. The Nate Berkus Stainless Steel Scissors are a must have, I've used them a couple of times now and they are great. The Nate Berkus Letter Opener is beautiful and it works wonderfully, it makes opening letters so much fun now. The last thing I needed was a Nate Berkus Tape Dispenser, so of course I bought a cute one with some gold.

I also bought this cute Ubrands Large Mason Jar with Binder Clips for documents. I love the color purple it's my favorite color. I love that the clips come in different colors like teal, cream, grey and purple. 

The next item is actually a favorite and one that wasn't supposed to even happen. I was actually on my way out of Target but as I was headed to the cash register I turned into the lane where the stationery was and there it was the most beautiful little Gold Pineapple Candle  that my eyes ever did see. I thought it was just for decor but as I got closer and opened it I realized it was a candle & it smells oh, so good. They also have similar ones in yellow, white & orange. The gold one is a bit smaller than the others. 

And last but certainly not least it my ShopBando Giant Gem Speaker and when they say "giant" they mean it. It takes up a good space on my desk but I don't mind it at all because it looks absolutely adorable and brings some vibrant color to my desk. It has a great sound system and you can take it practically anywhere you want. I think a beach day needs to happen so I can take my beautiful speaker. 

As you also know on the other end of my writing desk I have my favorite three books currently and my Marquee Letter from Target. I wrote a post about how we changed the color of this Marquee Letter to read more about it click here

My desk is my workspace, I write my blog posts, answer many e-mails, write letters, etc. It is my space for a couple of hours a day. I am in love with all my desk accessories, I may write a post on my husbands desk area?! If you would like to see that comment below and let me know. 

What are your favorite desk accessories?



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