Marquee Letter D.I.Y.

May 02, 2016

About a week ago or so I posted on my Snapchat (@helloscarblog) that I was working on something special for our living room/home office area. I even gave little sneak peeks here and there & some people figured out what it was instantly and others are probably still scratching their heads wondering what the fuss was all about. Well, as promised on the snap, it's a week later and I'm finally posting the D.I.Y. trust me I've been dying to show you all what I had worked on this past week. So, I've been wanting these letters for a long time now & Target sold them for only $14.99/each and I couldn't let a day pass without getting them. They are the Metal Marquee Letter Small you can find them at the stores in the color black. 

You all know by now if you have been reading my blog for a while now that I am a Target junkie and buy most of my home decor there. So, on a hot and sunny Saturday I head over to Target to buy other things but came out with these two letters, you know when you go in for one thing and come out with ten? that was me this day. I was so excited to change the letters up because we had already ordered our writing desks and these letters where going to be part of our desk decor. So this was my first time changing the look of something that I bought from a store. I was nervous and was considering leaving them black, but I got my head together and I decided to go for it. My hubby broke some boxes we thankfully had in our garage and placed them outside for me. I was preparing by removing the bulbs and electrical cords. I went outside and placed them on the card boxes that layed flat and started painting away...

We went to Home Depot and bought two Metallic Paint & Primer "Pure Gold" paint which I find to be great for Metal since that's what the letters are and they came out looking fantastic! 

The paint applied smoothly, I was so worried it wouldn't show because the letters were completely black but as you can see it picked up the color quiet nicely. I had to wait approximately an hour before I turned them around so I can paint the back, I painted one letter at a time. The waiting time is the worst, so while I was waiting I decided to watch tv but then I heard my neighbors take their kids outside in the back and they had the hose going so I went outside so they wouldn't splash water over my finished work. Thankfully, they didn't and the letters dried up pretty quickly because the weather was actually really nice, it was windy so that helped a lot. 

We are so happy with my finished product, everything took me about 4hrs to complete but that's mostly the wait time, I had started around 2:30pm and didn't finish til 6pm. I brought the letters inside the house and waited another hour in which I took that time to take a shower because after being outside in the afternoon, ya know you get that "funky sun smell"that's what I call it. Once I got dressed I came back downstairs and started putting the electrical cords back in & then the bulbs in their place. I placed AA Batteries and turned them on...

Aren't they pretty?

They came out looking better than I expected and they look beautiful on our separate writing desks that are located in our living room. Don't worry, I will eventually write a post of that area of the house once it's completed. One thing you should know about me, I'm constantly changing our living space, I love anything and everything that has to do with decor. If you check out my Instagram you will see my letter on my desk, it looks so beautiful lit up. The gold and the lights look so great together, I'm happy I didn't let my fear stop me from painting them. 

I'm over here like, What can I paint next? Ha.



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