Journey to Faith

May 25, 2016

What does Faith mean to me? Faith means I can conquer anything that is put in front of me, Faith keeps me grounded, Faith gives me Hope for the unknown future ahead, Faith is the substance to my soul. I am a Christian, I believe in God, Son & Holy Spirit. I am not perfect, I am a sinner, but I am loved by a perfect God. My purpose in sharing my Faith with you is by no means to make you uncomfortable, I'm not a preacher nor teacher of the gospel, but I am someone who loves God so much for all He has done in my life. God has worked miracles in my life and continues to show me new things every single day. Today, my only desire for you is that you can be encouraged through this post, that if you feel you're at your wits end believe that there is a higher power, a God who loves you so much that He gave His one and only Son to die for your sins & mine. He is loving and gracious to forgive all of us for our mistakes & always welcomes us with open arms.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that there was a God who existed, A God that was so big I thought He was un-reachable. When I was growing up I saw a lot of things that no child should ever experience or witness, I don't blame my mother because she was single trying to raise me all by herself, my father was a coward who left us while I was still very young. Besides, a lot of the things I saw growing up had nothing to do with my mother, but with those around us and because of these things that happened around me I couldn't understand why God would allow this to happen. As I grew older the thought of God never really crossed my mind again until about the age of 10 when my sister took me to my first church service. There was a lot of music, people were shouting, some of them kinda scared me because they spoke in different tongues. My mother never raised me in church prior to me going so all of this was very new to me. I felt out of place, like I didn't belong but God being so gracious never left my side.

Eventually as I grew into my teenage years I had a better understanding of who God was, I started reading the bible and for some reason I had a good understanding of what God expected of me. Now, did I follow all the "rules" um, No. I was a rebellious teenager when it came to church & God, I was in high school at the time and hung around the wrong crowds, I started to drink at the age of 15 without my mother's knowledge. At around this time I had lost my Godmother and that was a big blow for me because she was someone I loved and respected dearly, I didn't understand why God would take her away from her family and all those who knew & loved her. I became angry with God and eventually that anger would slowly but surely turn me into a bitter person...

As I became an adult, well, at least in the eyes of the law. I held down 2 jobs, went to school and helped my mom with bills at home. I started becoming independent and didn't count on anyone for handouts. If I wanted something I would work extra hours and buy things for myself. This kept my mind busy, I didn't have to think about all the problems I was facing, but more importantly I didn't have to deal with my inner struggle of losing not only that father figure but also loosing my Godmother who was like a second Mother to me. I kept those feelings in the back of my head and never addressed them with anyone, I didn't want to talk about it because I felt like no one would genuinely care. My youth pastor at the time tried many times to reach out to me, he would always tell me that he wouldn't give up on me, but what he didn't realize is that I had given up on me long time ago...

I wasn't going to church, in fact I stopped going to church until I turned 21yrs of age. Even though I wasn't fully engaged in a church, I knew God was knocking at the door of my heart all along. Every time I did something wrong, I knew that God was not pleased with my actions or words. I knew that holding on to my past was also not pleasing to God because He expected more of me. And all this time where I had thought that God had forgotten about me I realized it was the other way around, I had forgotten about Him and His promises for my life. I had a moment of realization that my life was heading towards a path of self-destruction, I was becoming self-aware of my circumstance. At that moment, I prayed, asked God for forgiveness and made Him a promise.

The journey back to church was the hardest for me, you see I had to surrender all my past hurt and pain, I wish I could sit here and tell you how easy it was and how quickly I got over everything. That wasn't the case for me. It took me years to let go of all the pain, anger, bitterness and hurt...years. God was always patient with me, God never gave up on me, God has been by my side since I rededicated my life to His will. I can proudly say I've been on this Faith driven journey for 12years and counting. It took so much time for me to realize that holding on to all of this was consuming me from the inside out, I lashed out at so many people. When I finally started taking my Journey to Faith seriously, I started going back to as many people as I could remember asking for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is so powerful. 

If it wasn't for my Journey to Faith I probably wouldn't be here today. There is so much more that I could add to the story, but I would be here all day. God has been a constant in my life, it seems He always has been. I'm so grateful to have a Father in heaven who looks out for me, cares for me & loves me unconditionally. God blessed me with a husband that loves Him above me but loves me just the way I am. I never imagined I would have the relationship I have now. I owe it all to God, if it wasn't for Him who knows where I would be today. My Faith in Him keeps me pushing forward to tomorrow, My Faith reminds me that I believe in a God hat turns an impossible to a possible. My Faith is a constant reminder that I belong to Him

Today, I want you to know that your past, your mistakes, your failures do not define you. God loves you so much, God wants to fulfill His purpose in your life. He is a God of second, third and fourth chances, He wants to walk side by side with you on your Journey to Faith. God will never leave you nor forsake you, He will show you the way to an eternal life of joy, happiness, inner peace like you've never felt before. I want to encourage you today, better days are ahead, let go & let God, take it from a girl who knows exactly how hard it is to let go... It's worth it at the end. Don't allow fear to run your life, allow God into your heart and let Him direct your path, He will light the way. '

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." 
Galatians 2:20

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Stay Blessed,


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