Book Review | Celebrate by Lauren Conrad

May 09, 2016

Today, I want to review Lauren Conrad's book titled Celebrate, I bought it about a month ago and have not put it down. I've been stalking  following LC's journey since Laguna Beach and The Hills we all remember those "reality" shows right? Lauren has always been my favorite, she always seemed genuine and kind, she knew how to market herself really well and is now a successful business owner of her own website Lauren ConradPaper Crown, A clothing line at Kohl's among other household items, among other things. I was able to find the book at Target I actually went to the store and bought it, but you can also get it online. 

Lauren Conrad gives you so many tips on how to carry out a party, from hosting to invitations to the cleanup and everything in between. I am going to share with you all of my favorite chapters from this go-to book. I love planning + decorating and I will take any opportunity to do so, even if it is just a kids party. Celebrating the small things + Big things in life is important, making memories with the people that are most special to you is something you will never forget. Also, Celebrating milestones in life is great too, why not? Make that person feel special for accomplishing their goals in life. This book helps you do just that.

Lauren has already written about the concept, the invitations, the menu, the bar, the decor {another favorite chapter} All of this is Part 1 of the book. Starting out Part 2 is one of my all time favorite chapters the birthday party. On the left you see the invite that was sent out for this particular birthday party. That's the cutest invite that my eyes ever did see, it's cute and very girly, she asked the guests to wear pink!

In this chapter Lauren writes about her inspiration for the party which was "Candy Land Chic" which if you look at the great photographs it is a look she totally achieved. She also writes about the menu which included all desserts on a buffet. I mean, that just sounds so delicious... yummy. This was a birthday party for 29 year old, so Lauren also talks about the bar, the decor, the look and the birthday present. She also writes about designing your own wrapping paper for presents, which I never thought about until now, there is a picture of an idea of what one could look like. 

The book has a lot of stories about Lauren's life, she lets you into her world. The picture above is from the new years eve party. Can you believe she made those letters by hand? Yup and she writes how to make them yourself! I love the simplicity of this book and how you can achieve any look for any Celebration you may be having. Lauren discusses all the details and doesn't leave anything out which helps when you want to create a wonderland in your home for your guests. This book is filled with tips and tricks, do's & don'ts, etiquette and so much more. If you love parties or hosting events this book is for you. 

Lauren dedicated this book to her dad, who taught her that "there's no greater joy than cooking for the ones you love..." which I find to be interesting because my mother says the same thing. So, from the moment I opened the book and read that I knew that this book was written for someone like me. This book is something to be Celebrated because it is so beautifully written. Every photo is gorgeous, Lauren's wedding photos are stunning and I just love everything about this book. It makes the perfect coffee table or desk accessory too. I am using it on my writing desk you can see it here

This is one of the best books that I own. 

I don't regret buying it & neither will you.



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