4 Sick Days and Counting...

May 16, 2016

This past week has been pretty hectic, my little 7yr old niece got really sick and she basically spent the entire week with us at home. Now, my mom, husband and I are sick with constant coughing & sneezing. Personally, I haven't even seen daylight because I haven't left my room since Thursday. I've only had energy to get up wash my teeth, take a shower, change pj's and get back into bed. Today is Monday as you're reading this post (but I'm writing this on Sunday) I wasn't going to write a post then realized I hadn't written one for Friday, so here it is. I apologize that it isn't a fun post, my body aches, I have a sinus headache, the list just goes on.

So, instead of telling you how awful I feel and look, let me tell you what I do to get by on days like these. First and foremost, let it be known that I do not get sick often, it's like a twice a year kinda thing, so when I do get sick, its absolute hell. I'm not complaining either, I prefer being sick 2x out of the year than being sick all the time.

So, let's get right to it, these are the 10 things I do when I'm home sick for days...

Set Up - Figuring out where you plan to live in while being sick, you can take up the living area with the big screen tv or you can simply take up the entire bedroom with no interruptions. Make sure to bring your tissues, trashcan, meds, books, water to keep you hydrated, your phone *duh*, laptop and any other tech devices you may own. I prefer my bedroom, there is not interruptions.

Cleanness - First thing is first, I get up the morning I feel sick brush my teeth & take a shower. This is a MUST. You might be feeling all types of ways but a shower and a clean mouth will always make you feel a lot better. I will also change to clean pj's every single time. 

Meds - This is something that I can live without on certain situations but when I have a cough that just won't go away then I stack up on medication and keep it close to me on my night stand. 

Staying Hydrated - This is very important, when I am sick I either drink water or orange juice and sometimes ginger ale, but that's usually when I can actually swallow my food without having to cough it up, TMI, I'm sorry. Usually, Water & Orange Juice do the trick.

Music - Nothing is more soothing to me than listening to some music, usually I listen to some old school R&B or some classical music. I put a cover over my eyes and keep them shut as I listen to the songs. I allow my body to relax and sometimes I will eventually fall asleep, which leads me to my next point...

Sleep - Personally, there is no better way to forget that you're sick at least for a little while than by taking a couple of naps during the day. It also makes the day go by way faster. 

Books - This is always a good time to catch up on the books you have yet to finish that have been sitting on your bookshelf for months. Yea, that note goes to me, myself and I. 

Color - I love coloring books, I have the adult coloring books and they're becoming one of my favorite things to do when I am sick. They keep me entertained for hours and I love seeing the end result of my work. Many people don't like the adult coloring books because they say it takes up a lot of time, but that's all I have time when I'm feeling ill. 

Tech - Now, we don't have a tv in our master bedroom and part of that reason is because we want to keep this space calm and with no extra noise. So, when I get sick the first thing I bring up from my desk area downstairs is my laptop. I binge watch Youtube, Movies & TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. Also, if I am up for it I will write as many blog posts as I can, usually this happens very few times but if I can get work done, I do it. My next tech item is my phone, only because I am in my bedroom doesn't mean I don't want to see what's happening in the outside world. So, I obviously check Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook from time to time to see what my friends & family are up too. And these are basically the only two tech items i'll ever need. 

Disconnect - I know this sounds like I am contradicting myself, but there are sick days where I completely disconnect from the world of social media. Fortunately, for me it's not a problem, I know that for some people this may be a difficult task, but social media will still be there when I feel better.

And that is basically all I do when I have been sick for more than a day, now my migraine has started and I think it's time to get off the laptop. Hopefully, I start feeling better by the end of the week! 

What are your favorite things to do when you're sick at home?



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