Update - Studying

April 18, 2016

There will be no blog posts for Friday due to the CNA States Exam I have coming up on April 25th. I have been studying hard since last week and this week I just need to focus and prepare for test day. I apologize in advance. I will also be writing Monday's post for next week since I will be at the testing site all day and won't have time to do it then. You're probably thinking well, if you have the time to write next week's post why not just write the Beauty Favorite of the week? Well, because it takes more time to get that post done and as I said I've been studying so much because this is an exam with two parts you see, the written portion which is taken on a computer & the clinical portion which I have to physically do myself with a patient or mannequin. So, I have studied my clinicals til no end and have a pretty good idea how to get them done but I still need practice, the written portion comes more easier to me because it's remembering what to do and what not to do with a patient, knowing some medical terminology and Standard Precautions and Infection Control.

I'm sure I lost you on that last bit but just know that I will have a post for you up for next Monday but not this Friday. I really felt like I needed to post something today because as a blogger it is our responsibility to keep you in the loop and informed. I wanted to explain myself and not just have any posts up, it wouldn't be fair to any of you. So, with that being said I hope you all understand and cut me a break this Friday as you did last Friday. I love writing my Beauty Favorites of the week but they do take a lot of my time because I have to take pictures of the products, basically review and break down the products for you and trust me when I tell you I do my research for it too. I may love the product for my skin but your skin may be different, so I always make sure to provide everyone with information about the product. 

I covet your prayers for Monday, April 25th at 9am or your good vibes, I will be at the testing site all day according to the letter they sent me. I am and I'm not looking forward to it because part of me sikes out during exams but a part of me is ready to get it over and done with. I also have my own personal pressure to make my teacher proud but that's just added pressure I've added to myself. So, if you could say a prayer for me that day it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you for understanding and I hope to catch up with you all next week. 



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