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April 27, 2016

Today I want to introduce to you two members of our little family who we love very much and before I introduce them to you I want to tell you a little bit more about them. When my husband and I got married we had no pets, it wasn't really in the plans it just kinda happened. Our first dog was a Yorkie, it was a female and her name was Gucci. Her story is pretty interesting, You see I had her first because the girl that I used to work with was moving into an apartment and couldn't take the dog. So, she asked me if I would take it. I told her I would have to ask my mom (at the time I was living at home). Once my mom said yes (with a bunch of conditions and rules), I kindly said I would take her and care for her. So, technically, I got a free dog.. unfortunately, due to work & school I was never home, so I gave the dog to my sister. Gucci moved from one family member to the other but eventually after I got married the dog was returned to me.

My husband and I had all the intentions of keeping her but she had gotten spoiled rotten by some family and she wouldn't listen to commands. My husband and I tried everything, even training and nothing worked for her, our last straw was her peeing all over some antique couches that we had at the time. My husband and I decided to give her away to a lady that really enjoyed her company, we thought she would be in good hands and from what I hear Gucci is still alive & being a little diva. Now forward to 2009 that's when my husband and I decided to purchase our first pet, our American Eskimo, Cody. We saw an ad online, he came all the way from Philly on an airplane, I remember the excitement we felt when we were on our way to pick up our precious 5/mo old dog!

We went to the airport, I believe it was at the cargo section and we waited patiently. Until we finally heard them call out my husband's name. They gave us our package and we signed a paper and we were off. As soon as we got outside I told my husband that it would be best to let the dog out, the poor thing was so scared he didn't want to come out of the kennel, part of it was because we were complete strangers to him. Finally, my husband was able to get a hold of him and bring him out, Cody ran across the parking lot and we had to run after him in fear that a car would run him over. Cody is now 7/yrs old and he is the most intelligent, well behaved, independent dog I've ever had.

Forward to December 2014, we've been married 7/yrs by this point, we decided to get Cody a friend. I personally do not like female dogs and I'm not blaming Gucci but she's partly responsible for that feeling. Anyway, this Christmas we wanted to do something different, we didn't want to buy and it wasn't because we had a bad experience... we actually had a great experience with the seller. So, I remember this afternoon vividly, my husband and I had been talking about getting another dog for about a couple of months, I was doing my hair because my husband and I were going to go out to get Cody some food and some stuff for the house. As I am sitting at my vanity my hubby rushes up and tells me, I found the perfect dog, it's a boy and an American Eskimo.

As I turned to look at him I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing, did he just say we found a dog as the same breed as our own? and he nodded yes. I got up, didn't finish my makeup and headed out the door. That weekend we were babysitting my 5yr old niece at the time and we went to see our 2nd future doggie candidate. We headed off to PetSmart and as soon as we walked in we saw a bunch of dogs waiting to be adopted. My heart was full of joy, as I cruised around the area where the dogs were, there he was Snowball. As soon as I set my eyes on him I knew that we would be taking that little guy home. So, basically that's the way it went down, we were going to change his name to something I cannot remember now but our little niece said to keep the name Snowball since we adopted him in December.

So, that's basically the story of how are boys came to be part of our little family. We love them so much and sometimes take care of them more than we take care of ourselves. When people ask us if we have children I say we have two, four-legged, furry, highly-intelligent dogs. They are our family and we wouldn't want it any other way. I have shot some pictures of the boys recently, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Meet: Cody

Meet: Snowball 



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