#MACSelena it's Finally Happening!

April 12, 2016

Today, MAC Cosmetics announced on Facebook the following statement: 

A preview of "Como La Flor" lipstick, on of the products from the upcoming MAC Selena Collection! Selena's vivacious music and style lives on through the passion of her fans and her impact on Latin beauty and culture. MAC Selena is a makeup collaboration inspired by the devotion of all those who continue to be touched by the young legend, tenderly curated with Selena's own sister, Suzette Quintanilla. "I wanted the colors to be about her personality, what she wore on and off stage" says Suzette. "She has been gone for 21 years already and for this collaboration to happen, it's pretty much incredible. It just shows the love her fan base has even though she's gone; that her music still lives on and her legacy has grown tremendously since she's passed. It's a great honor to have MAC collaborate with Selena's name and her fans - for her fans." Available October 2016!

You have no idea how EXCITED I am about this, it's been a long time coming, something that I believe every true fan of Selena has been wanting this to happen for a long time now. So, the fact that it is happening has me super stoked! I know Selena would be so proud to see this line of cosmetics. I can't believe it's been 21 years since her passing, her music will continue to live in the heart of this girl. 

I'm sure you've seen this photo on my Instagram page or you have already heard of it through other outlets on social media but I had to share this long awaited news on my blog. I've been a fan of her music forever, I remember where I was at the day she died, I mourned her death just like many other fans of hers. I'm not here to bring back sad memories, I want to keep her legacy alive by spreading love, laughter and fun! Every time I see her name somewhere I remember her Smile, it was so eye catching, you couldn't miss it. 

I will keep you all updated on the release date for the #MACSelena makeup line! I don't know if it will be limited edition yet, but I promise to keep you all updated with any news regarding this particular line! 

Que Viva SELENA!



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