Closet Organization

April 04, 2016

If there is one important thing you need to know about me it is that I love having my things organized. This weekend was the weekend of many changes & one of those changes was actually getting into my messy closet and organizing every inch of it. My husband and I have the luxury of having our own closets, which is awesome because I don't have to share my space with his. He has a normal closet and I have the walk-in closet, you ladies know that we will always get the bigger closet, it's just the way it is. My closet was such a disaster that you could NOT walk into it. Everyday it was a struggle for me to reach out as far as I could with my long arms and reach out for the clothes that I wanted to wear for that day. Once, I even fell over all of the stuff that was in the way but thankfully I landed on a huge pillow. Phew'... if you don't believe the "hot mess" let me give you a peek before I show you the aftermath...

And no, I have no shame showing you this mess, I've accumulated so many things that I just kept piling things on top of things, etc and eventually it became the mess that you see here. As I was taking this picture I was standing outside of my closet because there was no way to get inside. 

This was right after I took everything out of my closet, you name it I'm sure it was on my closet floor. A lot of the things I had clothes, handbags, miscellaneous stuff I put in 4-5 trash bags to give away to people in need of these items. I never throw anything away, I always believe that giving back is the way to go. I can happily say, I can now walk into my clean closet. :)

Now, What you don't see in both of these photos is the amount of stuff I actually had above all my clothes, I gave away so many handbags I lost count. There were just so many that I no longer used but were in great condition, they are better off with people that are going to love them and use them for a long time. So, by this point it was about 5pm in the afternoon and I still had handbags and items to place back up into my closet but I didn't want my handbags showing. I wanted everything to be in either bins or cute boxes. I personally do not like the plastic bins, they look tacky in my opinion. So, I left with my 6yr old niece for a Target run and found these...

You are not going to believe this but these mint and white Woven Storage Bins and Large Woven Rectangular Storage Baskets in Aqua Mint I found in the Kid Section at Target.  I really didn't like anything that the adult section had for storage, they were all plastic bins. So, these that you see here all have handbags inside. The two that are teal/white are the biggest ones with the biggest handbags and backpacks, the teal ones have medium sized purses and the white one you see has my photography handbag and some small blankets that my little niece uses when she comes over and we have "movie night" in aunties room. I honestly fell in love with the pattern and colors. These are made out of hard plastic and I know that as long as I take care of them they're going to last me for a long time. 

Last but not least, I also bought these 3 Large Media Storage Boxes {also in the kids section}. The first one to the far left has stationery, the middle box has albums and misc items and the one on the right has birthday bags, gift bags, cards, small tags, etc {don't mind the creepy baby on top, that was a gift}. The lavender box you see to the far right was actually a bride & groom suggestion box that we had at our wedding. Every year on our Anniversary we read all the suggestions, some of them are pretty great. You also see 3 fedora hats and some more albums and a dry-erase calendar. 

This is what I did this weekend and I haven't finished I have recently purchased the 8-Pair Shoe Organizer at the Container Store. I was only able to purchase 1 but I will be going back this week to purchase 2 more boxes so I can put all my shoes in one place. So, I am really excited to see my entire closet come together. I've prepared a small video for you all to see my entire closet. Just maybe in the near future I will give you all and updated version of it once my shoes are in their place. 

Check out this small clip I made for you of my beautiful and updated walk-in closet! Enjoy!



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