New Beginning...

March 20, 2016


Welcome to our new blog, well, let me rephrase, new blog design. You see I currently moved from Wordpress. I have been blogging for the past two years but as you can see I am starting from scratch. So, March 20th is this blog's new blogniversary! Yea, I'm that blogger that makes up words and gives them definitions and stuff. I've been wanting to move my blog for a while, but I also wanted to start over, start new. For me it was obviously scary because I had over 200 readers over at Wordpress and here, I don't think anyone is following me yet. I am okay with that though, I love writing it's very therapeutic for me, I know eventually this blog will grow along with it's readers.

Today is the beginning of many great things that are ahead. I'm excited for new opportunities that will open. Every change is hard and taking the first step is just the beginning of greater things ahead. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for your comments... I know I'm getting ahead of myself... but I am very grateful for every single one of you that will be joining the #helloscarblog family.

Looking forward to the future, to what's next...

For more information don't forget to Subscribe to the blog so you don't miss any new posts! There will be so many fun & exciting things ahead and I want you all to be a part of it. I hope you love GIVEAWAYS because there will be some of those also! Hello Scar Blog has come a long way to be here now and as I previously said, this is only the beginning.



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  1. Beautiful! Congrats on making the move, I can't wait for more content! :)

    Jasmine /


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